GTA custom fan art

YOUR OWN custom gta 5 character artwork

“DID YOU SAY GTA custom fan art? HOW COOL!”


FINALLY! The moment every GTA fan has been waiting for. I heard that deep down in your wildest dreams you wanted to experience the thrill of the gameplay in reality. Now i will take you one step closer with your own custom portrait. You just watch your friends faces DROP when they’ll see it!

order custom gta art
this is a custom portrait of a black male in a GTA style art

Picture this…You just became a Grand Theft Auto character. That’s a dream come true for any GTA fan. What’s the first thing you do? Would you flip the switch and create SO MUCH CHAOS? How quickly can you get a horde of cops chasing after you just to see how long you can outrun them?


testimonial gta 5 custom art

My portrait came out exactly like I wanted. I’m a die hard GTA fan and when I saw this I had to get it although I did not trust this in the beginning. But Stellar communication and pricing along with a beautiful final project. I can’t wait to order again.

Halley Taylor
testimonial gta 5 custom art

Thank you so much! You are truly gifted and the art came out so gooood. Me and my son played all gta games so this makes it justice.keep it up

testimonial gta 5 custom art

Laur was very accommodating and easy to work with. He delivered exactly what I wanted and just in time for Christmas. Very satisfied customer! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Harry Zhang
testimonial gta 5 custom art

Fucking amazing! What such a great job!!
All my respects, hat down
Happy NY bro

testimonial gta 5 custom art

This was such a hit as a gift and artist was easy to work with and all around awesome. Thank you so much!!
4 stars bc it took 6 days which i thought is a bit too long.

testimonial gta 5 custom art

LOOOOL! I’m looking at my portrait and i still can’t believe my eyes. I look baDass,,,the artist captured the style of gta art so perfectly and im going to brag now bye



upload high quality photo


1. Upload your favorite photo & pay


First decide the number of people you want in your composition. Then upload a QUALITY photo where everyone is visible. Select your options then make your payment. Yes, I can also paint pets in this style, just count them as an extra portrait

couple become GTA characters art


2. Awesomeness is headed your way!


After receiving your payment and details I will paint your photo into a GTA style portrait, complete with beautiful scenery and the props of your choice. You get an HD digital file to keep for a lifetime! All in just 1 week for one character and up to 2 weeks for multiple people.


3. Print on anything you like


I currently don’t offer printing service but you have countless printing options for your new GTA custom fan art. Think Tshirts, Posters, Mugs…the possibilities are ENDLESS! Just ask and I can suggest some printing shops.